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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

albertus leadersAlbertus Magnus College President Marc M. Camille takes a selfie on Aug. 16 with participants in the college’s inaugural Leadership Immersion Program for incoming students in the Tagliatela Academic Center on the campus in New Haven.

The innovative three-day program Aug. 16-18 was designed to inspire and encourage leadership with the 25 members of the class of 2021 who participated.

Howard C. Fero, the program director, is professor of leadership and management, and director of graduate leadership programs at Albertus Magnus College. 

“Cultivating leadership is such an important component of an Albertus education. I’m excited to be sharing leadership and working with the college’s newest attendees, and look forward to great contributions from them to Albertus, New Haven, and the community at large,” said Fero. “It will be a stimulating and insightful experience for our participants. During their freshmen year, they will continue to work with our faculty, taking part in additional workshops and networking sessions.”

Sean P. O’Connell, vice president for academic affairs, said great leaders share traits that make them great students and great community members, as well.

These traits include “the capacity to listen to, and to engage, others; the courage to open oneself to a larger purpose; the foresight to take the long view; and the discipline to stay the course,” he said.

“It is truly a program that forwards our Dominican mission of providing an education that empowers students to pursue the truth in all its dimensions and to extend to others the fruits of that search,” O’Connell explained.

The program provided opportunities for students to develop leadership habits and skills to enable them to succeed personally, academically and professionally, and as members of society.

There will be follow-up sessions for students in October, December, February and March.