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Thursday, May 24, 2018

strita global2 web

Students at St. Rita School in Hamden use tablets to communicate with students across the country in GlobalEd 2, a social studies program that situates students in a virtual international decision-making environment focused on critical world issues.

The middle school students at St. Rita make up one of about 20 social studies classrooms nationwide that are participating in the program, in which each classroom is assigned a country to represent.

The students interact with their counterparts in other "countries," over a 12- to 14-week period, through a web-based environment in order to negotiate a mutually agreeable resolution to some world issue, such as water or food scarcity.

During the fall, the St. Rita students’ negotiations have been focused on the global food crisis, with students centering their negotiations on finding solutions to the world’s food issues.

The program at St. Rita is made possible by a grant from the University of Connecticut in Storrs.