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Thursday, June 21, 2018

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CHESHIRE –The students of St. Bridget School have scored at an exceptional level on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, a standardized test of achievement, the pastor of St. Bridget Parish and its school principal have announced. The test is given to students at public and private schools across the country to assess student abilities in specific subject areas. 

Father Jeffrey V. Romans and principal Jennifer Furlong said they are very pleased with the results of the test.

In the area of English language arts, St. Bridget students across all grade levels scored in the high 98th-99th percentile, which places them in the top 1-2 percent in the country. They also performed well in math, with students scoring between the 84th and 90th percentile nationally.

Such outstanding scores indicate that students are achieving on average between two and three grades above grade level. Other notable accomplishments evident from the test results include the following: 

– Third-grade students scored at a sixth-grade level in word analysis and written expression and at a fifth-grade level in computations

– Fourth-grade students tested at seventh-grade level in written expression and scored in late-year sixth-grade level in reading.

– Fifth-grade students tested at a late-year ninth-grade level in written expression and at a seventh-grade level in all math sections.

– Sixth-grade students tested at a mid-year 12th-grade level in the area of conventions of writing and at a 10th-grade level in written expression.

– Seventh-grade students tested at a late-year ninth-grade level in the math section and late-year 11th-grade level in written expression

“We are very proud of our students and their achievements,” said Ms. Furlong. “To end the school year with such great news is gratifying. I want to thank our dedicated faculty for bringing out the best in our students who work hard throughout the year.”

Father Romans said, “I am proud to lead a school where teachers challenge students in a way that stimulates their minds and their hearts. This is a fantastic accomplishment and one that we will aspire to duplicate next year.”

Since opening in 1994, St. Bridget School has offered students a faith-based and challenging curriculum designed to promote academic excellence in prekindergarten, kindergarten and grades one through eight. Prekindergarten and kindergarten both offer full-day programs. The elementary grades are grouped into 3 levels: primary (grades one to three), intermediate (grades four and five) and middle school (grades six through eight).

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