July 20, 2024

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Now will you do?  The giant Brazilian progress and the new stadium must come off the paper

Now will you do? The giant Brazilian progress and the new stadium must come off the paper

brazilian football

The project has been referred to the club’s advisory board for discussion

New Villa Belmero project
© Disclosure / saintsNew Villa Belmero project

The saints It was his first bad appearance in the Copa Sudamericana. The team went to Argentina and lost to Banfield 1-0. The result increased the fans’ concern over the team’s situation. After battling relegation until the final round of the Paulista Championship, many Santos fans fear the start of the Brazilian Championship.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Santos Board of Directors moves to put the construction of Nova Villa Belmero into practice. This is the dream of many saints. According to the site fish diaryThe council referred the new stadium project to the deliberation board.

Santos will partner with WTorre, the same company that built Allianz Parque do Palmeiras. according to fish diaryAnd The club has reached an agreement with the company about the value of the business and the financing model. The report does not detail these points.

Now the deliberation board will schedule a meeting to estimate and discuss the project. If approved by the Board, the Association of Partners will be called so that the associates can also vote for or against the project.

construction time

according to fish diaryWhile the club’s internal bodies analyze the project and vote for approval or disapproval, Santos and WTorre will begin the approval process to work with City Hall of Santos. The company also goes to the market to find resources to carry out the work. Everything is approved It is expected that Nova Vila Belmiro will be built within 24 months.

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