July 19, 2024

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Player finishes Elden Ring in less than 9 minutes and predicts new records

Player finishes Elden Ring in less than 9 minutes and predicts new records

The speedrunner community keeps testing how fast you can finish a game

While many players can’t even get past elden ring In less than 10 minutes, The game speedrun community proves that this is plenty of time to finish the game. Using a series of shortcuts, the Distortion2 player was able to access the credits screen in a . format 8 minutes 56 secondsIt is a time that tends to decrease in the coming days.

Dirtortion2 is an old acquaintance of the title speedrun community, being the first player in the world capable of Finish it in less than 30 minutes. before you did, The Elden Ring world record belonged to Mitcherywho finished his adventure in Midland 12 and a half minutes.

to reach that time, Fast runners had to use a bug in the method known as “zip strategy”. To do this, they raise the protection of the characters and before advancing a certain number of frames – it is done correctly, The action releases the character, it is released forward And it can scroll across long areas of the map in moments.

The method allows you to bypass the bosses of the Elden Ring

With the method used, A large part of the Elden Ring world is quickly traversed.And make it possible to reach the final credits by avoiding most of your bosses. In the case of Distortion2, He used a zip strategy to kill Melkethsomething Michris hadn’t done before – which allowed him to cut a long time off his sprint.

Like other previous records in the game, This person should not remain active for long, as endorsed by Distortion2 itself. It was released less than 2 months ago, From the game Software still promises to reveal many secrets They can be explored by the community dedicated to finishing them in the shortest possible time.

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Records should still appear even if the developer manages to delete them part of bugs The speedrun community is using it so far. Distortion2’s next goal is to finish the seven-minute gamewhich he considers possible if he can improve the way he uses the zip method and other shortcuts found in the adventure.


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