July 20, 2024

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson is offering more military aid to Ukraine

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is offering more military aid to Ukraine

The statement came after the Prime Minister and a British official barred British officials from entering their territory.

After the ban on entry into Russia Boris Johnson And other UK officials in its region, the Prime Minister posted on Twitter that he had updated To the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, will provide “Further Military Assistance “ To a European country in the next few days.

“The UK will do nothing to ensure that the Ukrainians have the resources they need to defend their country from the current Russian offensive.” he said.

This Saturday (April 16), the Foreign Ministry released a list of staff to call “British citizens” And restricts entry into Russian territory.

“Russia has decided to add key members of the British government and various political figures to the blacklist in connection with the unprecedented hostility of the British government, especially in imposing sanctions on senior officials of the Russian Federation.”The ministry report says.

The move comes in response to British sanctions imposed on Moscow as a result War in Ukraine. In NoteThe Kremlin claimed that the British government “Strangling the domestic economy” With a campaign to isolate Russia from the international market.

To that end, the Russian government compiled a list of 13 British officials. In that note, the ministry said “Russophobic Study” Affects “Benefits of Residents of Great Britain”.

Here is the list:

  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson;
  • Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Ferguson;
  • UK Attorney General Suella Browerman;
  • Former British Prime Minister Theresa May;
  • Minister of Justice Dominic Rennie;
  • Foreign Minister Elizabeth Tross;
  • Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace;
  • Deputy Secretary of Defense James Heppy;
  • Transport Minister Shops Scholarship;
  • Home Minister Priti Patel;
  • Finance Minister Rishi Sunak;
  • Minister of Entrepreneurship Kwazi Quarteng;
  • Minister of Digitization Nadine Vanessa.
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The Russian government promised in a “In the future” Expands the list to include other British politicians and members of parliament who contribute “Anti-Russian sentiment”.


On February 24, at the start of the war in Ukraine, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Strong barriers set Russia. The next day, the U.K. Disabled items Of the President of Russia, Vladimir PutinAnd Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov. Most recently, Putin also has daughters Were allowed By the British Government.

Visit to Kiev

Boris Johnson did it Saturday (April 9) Sudden visit To the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zhelensky. The meeting was held in the capital Kiev with the aim of establishing a new package of military and economic aid to the country. According to Johnson’s office, the visit was a “Demonstration of solidarity with the Ukrainian people”.