July 25, 2024

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PS Studios acquisition will be greater than Kojima Productions

PS Studios acquisition will be greater than Kojima Productions

Rumors about the new acquisition of PS . studios Networks have taken over in recent days. On Thursday (14), it was rumored that Sony will acquire Kojima ProductionsBut Kojima soon dismissed the speculation – that will remain independent. However, if journalist and director Jeff Grob is correct, the new purchase is more important than the Japanese studio’s purchase.

According to Grubb, the rumors never circulated about Kojima Productions. On a recent episode of the podcast, the journalist clarified that “that’s not the name he was all about.”

If you’ve heard rumors about a Sony acquisition, it’s never really about Kojima Productions. I am aware of that. People were hearing these things, including me. That was not the name that was going on. She was older than Kojima Productions.

(Source: clone)

Second, Grubb’s acquisition of new PS Studios may be revealed soon, As he and journalist Greg Miller stated a few days ago. Consider the last major transactions, such as Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard And bungee from sonyIt’s really hard to guess what the name of the time is.

Even with the source’s good credibility, the addition is worth it: None of this has been made official yet, so treat the text with some caution.

Hermann Holst says PS Studios will ‘always’ make feature games

In a recent interview with GamesIndustry, PS Studios’ Head Hermann Holst reiterated the company’s commitment to continuing to produce experiences with an emphasis on narrative. Check out the details!

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