July 20, 2024

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Resident Evil Village on Xbox Games Pass – Looks like dreams can come true

Resident Evil Village on Xbox Games Pass – Looks like dreams can come true

Resident Evil Village may appear on Xbox Game Pass soon. Microsoft’s service can be enriched with one of the best titles of the past year, and there are reasons for that. However, it is worth remembering that we are still talking about it Unconfirmed information Here a lot can change. What do we know now?

Why is Resident Evil Village supposed to appear on Xbox Game Pass? Well, on the website with promotions for games from Capcom, the developer of the latest franchise in the Resident Evil series, there is information that production is available as part of a subscription to Xbox Game Pass. The information has already disappeared from the page, but XGP.pl managed to capture it in the screenshot. This information on the official Microsoft website means that having Resident Evil Village on Xbox Game Pass appears to be only a matter of time. There was a time when Sony and Capcom were said to have made an agreement under which the developer’s products would not go to services like Game Pass for at least a year after their debut.

This could mean that Resident Evil Village is coming to Xbox Game Pass in May 7, 2022 or Next time. Of course, this could happen sooner or later, because the content of these agreements remains a secret. However, Microsoft often releases major products in its catalog of games that are available on a subscription basis.

The company has been building its niche in the gaming world over the past few months and it was a very good move on its part. And while the news itself is exciting, We still have to wait for the official confirmation The Capcom title will already appear on Xbox Game Pass.

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Resident Evil Village will be a perfect magnet for new customers who can convince themselves to serve in this way. Well, the only thing left now is to wait to see if the captured game information is correct or just a bug. And let’s hope this is the first. Previously, similar leaks appeared on the occasion of Mass Effect, which has finally made its way to Xbox Game Pass.