July 20, 2024

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Russians and Americans trade accusations over plans to use biological weapons |  National Magazine

Russians and Americans trade accusations over plans to use biological weapons | National Magazine

in the Security Council United nationsAnd the Russia And the we Blaming about plans to use biological weapons.

The Russian actor was the first to speak. He said that the country’s Ministry of Defense has documents confirming the presence of 30 laboratories in the country Ukraine who have conducted experiments to fortify bacteria that cause deadly diseases and that the project will be in partnership with we.

The accusation first appeared last Sunday (6). The Russian Defense Ministry said it had found a document detailing secret biological experiments. Authenticity has not yet been confirmed..

The Kremlin said on Tuesday it had evidence that on the day of the invasion, February 24, we And the Ukraine He tried to destroy samples of rare diseases in a laboratory such as plague, anthrax and cholera, and that there are American laboratories developing biological weapons in the cities of Kharkiv and Poltova.

On this occasion, the we Reaction on several fronts. no Ministry of Foreign Affairs Such as White House said that Russia He has a history of accusations western of crimes it commits and can lay the groundwork for its attacks with prohibited weapons.

I am the head of a respectable nation, the father of two children. No weapons of mass destruction were developed here.”

In the last century, it was we The Soviet Union at that time had an advanced biological weapons development program. In 1972, both we The former Soviet Union signed Biological Weapons ConventionWhich came into force in 1975. Since 1997, chemical weapons have been banned.

Both conventions prohibit the development, production, possession, transfer, stockpiling and use of these weapons. But at this Friday meeting in United nations The Russia accused we to breach the agreement – and China Chorus making. The Chinese actor said that we We have 336 labs around the world for this type of experiment.

a Brazilwho temporarily occupies a chair in security tipHe said that such a serious accusation needs concrete evidence and confirmed by an independent and impartial authority.

Brazilian Ambassador João Genesio de Almeida Filho said that Brazil believes that legitimate scientific research should be clearly separated from activities that amount to the development of biological weapons. So much so that there are laboratories that study diseases but do not produce weapons of war.

However, As a precaution, this Friday World Health Organizationand asked Ukraine Destroys viruses and bacteria from research laboratories to prevent leaks in the event of an attack.