September 29, 2023

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'Sometimes my dog ​​feeds, I do not eat': Report on Poverty in the UK

‘Sometimes my dog ​​feeds, I do not eat’: Report on Poverty in the UK

  • Lawrence Cowley and Matt Bracy
  • BBC News

debt, Lawrence Cowley / BBC

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Brian Turner receives Universal Credit (similar to Bolsa Familia / Axilio Brazil) and lives in a ground floor apartment with his dog Rocky

On a hot May afternoon in the UK, Brian Turner skipped breakfast and lunch. He says he can get something to eat at night.

Turner, 49, lives with his Poodle and Jack Russell hybrids in a cozy ground floor apartment in southwestern Ipswich, east England. At age 6, Rocky’s dog became essential in Turner’s life.

Turner and his partner Paula McIntosh bought Rocky when he was a puppy. Turner was a very talented employee, but in 2009 he interrupted his life to care for a Macintosh who was suffering from serious mental health issues.

debt, Lawrence Cowley / BBC

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For 10 years, Brian Turner was a full-time caretaker of his partner, Paula Macintosh.

Until one night in February 2019, Macintosh died of a previously undiagnosed heart disease. She is 54 years old.