July 24, 2024

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Tadeu Schmidt reveals his observations during the game of discord

Tadeu Schmidt reveals his observations during the game of discord

One of the topics that the participants commented onBBB 22″ (TV Globo) after Discord game today This was the position of Tado Schmidt during the dynamic: for the brothers, the presenter was taking a lot of notes in his support materials.

Realizing that he had become a topic in the house, the leader of the “BBB” used social networks to reveal to the public what he often wrote on the chips in his hand.

“Exclusive! Photographer Reveals What Tadeu Schmidt Wrote During The Discord Game! And the game isn’t over yet, isn’t Boninho?” , said the presenter in the comment to the post. In the photo, he showed that he was only painting a landscape.

After the dynamics, Bonino posted a video on social networks announcing that the production will play a joke on the brothers on Tuesday. The trapped were confused by the lack of consequences in the discord game, so the director decided to play a trick on them: he would ask everyone to put their bags in the pantry, as the trapped usually do on elimination day.

Soon after the dynamics came to an end, the top six brothers began speculating about possible developments for the game. That’s when the former Rebelde imagined a scenario that gave the idea to the program director.

Myra Cardi’s husband said, “If they say, ‘Douglas, pack your bags and put it in stock,’ things are dangerous. But there’s no way, he didn’t defend it.”

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