September 24, 2023

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The room agrees to a new floor for the nurses.  see values

The room agrees to a new floor for the nurses. see values

. plenary session Parliament This Wednesday (4) approved the project that establishes National Floor for Nurses, Technicians, Nursing Assistants and Midwives (PL 2564/20). According to the proposal, the minimum initial amount for nurses will be R$4,750, to be paid by public and private health services.

In other cases there is a proportionality: 70% of the floor for nursing technicians; and 50% for nursing assistants and midwives.

Despite agreeing to a minimum salary of R$4,750 for nurses, R$3,325 for nursing technicians and R$2,375.00 for nursing assistants and midwives, the procedure still faces the problem of a lack of resources, or what technicians call “budget allocation”. When creating an account, members of Congress need to identify the source of the funds.

The writer of this column GCRomualdo de Sousa, warned that over the past few months, a powerful alliance had been formed againstmade up of the National Federation of Municipalities (CNM), the National Front of Mayors (FNP) and private hospital networks, indicating the futility of the proposal.

Another uncertainty relates to the amount of expenses. The Ministry of Health Note that the impact on the budget could reach R$23 billion this year, and R$25 billion as of 2023. The accounts of the House of Representatives are more modest. It is believed in Parliament that about 16 billion R$ is needed annually.

The mayors allege that Congress appropriated expenditures for councils to pay the bill, without indicating alternatives to where the money will be taken. Private hospitals say the pandemic has reduced the sector’s profitability. That is, little or no goodwill to agree to a measure that establishes a minimum salary for nurses, nursing technicians, assistants, and midwives.

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