July 24, 2024

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The survey predicts that Labor will win the biggest victory in British history

The survey predicts that Labor will win the biggest victory in British history

oh Labor PartyCurrently in opposition status UK, is on its way to the biggest electoral victory in its history. A YouGov poll released this Wednesday, the 19th, shows that the party will win more seats than ever before in the election. 4th of JulyAssassination of the Prime Minister’s Conservative Party Rishi Sunak.

The survey predicts that the Labor Party will win 425 of the total 650 seats in Parliament. Sunak’s Conservative Party is expected to win 108 seats. Far-right politician Nigel Farage’s Reform UK is expected to win five seats.

It would give Labor a majority of at least 200 votes in the House of Commons, meaning most legislation could be passed without a deal. The survey was conducted from June 11 to 18 with interviews of nearly 40,000 voters.

Polls show a drop in conservative voting intentions. The latest YouGov poll, published earlier this month before Farage entered the race, predicted Labor would win 422 seats and the Conservatives 140.

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Early elections

Sunak has called for assembly elections in May, with only two months left for election campaigning. The result is dangerous, as his Conservative Party is trailing the opposition Labor Party in recent opinion polls.

According to news website Politico, which averages confidence polls in the United Kingdom, Labor appears on 44% with voting intentions, compared to 23% for the Conservatives. In the local body elections this year and 2023, ruling party politicians have been rejected in favor of opposition party members.

A defeat for his Conservative Party would end the party’s 14-year reign.

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The deadline for calling elections is January 2025, and until recently the government was working with the possibility of holding elections in the middle of the second semester. So, for some analysts, the prime minister’s bold gesture could be an attempt to avoid further attrition before the next trip to the polls. Some commentators described the act as “a gamble”. In a recent YouGov poll, Sunak has a negative rating of over 70%.

The Conservative Party is now hoping that recent improvements in the economy, falling inflation and progress on implementing a controversial plan to deport undocumented migrants to Rwanda, Africa, will help reverse its unpopularity.

Now 44, the former treasury and finance minister assumed the helm of government two years ago. Since then, he has struggled to defend his agenda and is frustrated that his victories are not being celebrated.