July 24, 2024

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The UK is to provide 6,000 missile defense and 25 million to Ukraine

The UK is to provide 6,000 missile defense and 25 million to Ukraine

Following its support for Ukraine, the British government said in a statement that the UK would provide 6,000 new missile defenses and 25 million to the Ukrainian armed forces. Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce the new package of support during a meeting of G7 and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) leaders this Thursday.

The new operations have so far doubled British aid in defense matters, with more than 10,000 missiles, and more than UK 400 million provided by the UK for economic and humanitarian assistance in the crisis.

In meetings with officials tomorrow, Johnson is expected to ask his allies to ensure that the Ukrainians continue to have the means to defend themselves. The Prime Minister is expected to reiterate Britain’s willingness to work with allies to improve Ukraine’s security capabilities, including long-range targets and intelligence, “as the Ukrainian people face an unprovoked invasion”.

“With a month of conflict, the international community is facing a choice. We may keep the flame of independence alive in Ukraine or risk extinguishing it in Europe and around the world,” Johnson said.

The British government will provide an additional $ 4.1 million to the BBC’s global service as part of its efforts to combat misinformation in Russia and Ukraine. The public relations system should help create content in conflict-torn countries.

To coordinate support for the International Criminal Court (ICC) inquiry into war crimes, British Secretary of Justice Dominic Robb will chair a meeting with the Ministers of Justice and Foreign Affairs. UK Deputy Prime Minister Raab is expected to announce a further $ 1 million in funding to the ICC and new support from the British military with intelligence-gathering expertise.

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