July 24, 2024

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The United States released uniforms made by Ralph Lauren

The United States released uniforms made by Ralph Lauren

The team will wear jeans and a blue blazer with red and white stripes at the Paris Olympic Games, designed by Ralph Lauren.

A new uniform for the Olympics

you Olympic Games Paris 2024 will feature style with Team USA’s new uniforms, designer Ralph Lauren revealed on Tuesday (18). During the opening and closing ceremonies, American athletes dress in jeans and shirts and row boats down the Seine River.

United States Olympic uniform announced – Photo: Twitter @NBCSports

For the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympics, scheduled for July 26, Team USA will wear jeans and a blue blazer with red and white stripes, complemented by a striped oxford shirt.

Men’s suits also include ties. This unique look will showcase athletes from every country, creating a unique and memorable start to the Paris Olympic Games.

The closing ceremony on Aug. 11 will also feature costumes designed by Ralph Lauren, the ninth time the designer has been responsible for Team USA’s Olympic uniforms.

Extreme heat is a warning for Paris

you Paris 2024 Olympic Games According to Reuters, according to a report by environmental groups published this Tuesday (18), significant challenges will be faced due to the degree of heat.

Document titled “Rings of Fire: Heat Hazards at the 2024 Paris Olympics” (Rings of Fire: Heat Risks at the 2024 Paris Olympics), published by the British Association for Sustainable Sport and Frontrunners.

The report warned that the heat would fly During the European summerThe period during which the Olympic Games are held can pose risks to the health of the competitors.

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According to Meteo-France, the French national meteorological agency, the summer of 2024 will be hotter than normal, following the record-setting temperature in 2023.

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