June 13, 2024

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US warns of 5G impact on aircraft - 01/13/2022 - Market

US warns of 5G impact on aircraft – 01/13/2022 – Market

FAA (Federal Aviation Administration of To us) Began issuing announcements on Thursday detailing the extent of the potential impact of the new wireless service. 5G On the plane.

The FAA is in talks with aircraft manufacturers, airlines and mobile operators to reduce the impact of the new service. It will be operational from January 19. The company has warned that potential interruptions could affect sensitive aircraft equipment such as altimeters.

The organization began publishing so-called ‘airline announcements’. “Aircraft with untested altimeters or aircraft requiring rearrangement or replacement will not be able to make low-visibility landings where 5G is used,” the document said.

More than 300 announcements (local time) were made until 1am, including several important announcements Airports And hospitals where medical helicopters are used.

The FAA did not answer questions about how many warnings should be issued in total.

Several announcements state that some procedures will not be available until the FAA approves alternatives “due to 5G C-band interference”. Other areas include details on how instrument approaches are affected at major airports. The FAA has determined that certain GPS-guided approaches will continue to be possible at some such airports Miami E Phoenix.

AT&T and Verizon, which won the entire 5G C-band spectrum at a $ 80 billion auction last year, agreed in January with 50 airports to reduce the risk of interference.

The companies also agreed to delay the start of service by two weeks, in addition to the aviation security ban. The FAA said Wednesday that it expects to provide updates soon on the estimated percentage of commercial aircraft equipped with altimeters that can operate reliably and accurately in the 5G C-band environment.

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