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Veiled body of actress and theater director Gina da Rosa Borges on stage at the Teatro Santa Isabel |  Pernambuco

Veiled body of actress and theater director Gina da Rosa Borges on stage at the Teatro Santa Isabel | Pernambuco

The body of the actress and theater director Ginina da Rosa Borges, better known as “Our Lady of the Teatro Pernambucano”, being Hijab on stage in Santa Isabelin the neighborhood of Santo Antonio, in Recife. The farewell ceremony began at 9 am this Saturday (25) and will continue until 4 pm.

After that, the body will be taken to the Morada da Paz cemetery in Paulista, Recife. According to relatives, the cremation ceremonies of a limited character will take place on Saturday.

Ginina da Rosa Borges in a 2012 file photo – Photo: Reproduction / Globo TV

Relatives and friends went to the theater to bid farewell to the artist. According to Brino Borges, Jenina’s son, she requested that her ashes be placed in Santa Isabel.

The four children of her fetus participated in the farewell. For them, the artist ended her life cycle with her family.

The children said her fetus had left a message that she wanted to wake up and be buried. “It was a beautiful life story,” said Annamaria da Rosa Borges. “She did what she wanted.”

Ottavio da Rosa Borges remembered his mother’s generosity. “She could have been summoned to the government palace or to the most modest school, and she went with the same joy,” he said.

Actress and theater director Ginina da Rosa Borges dies at the age of 100 in Recife

She had been sick the day before, short of breath. A doctor taking care of the family went to her for an appointment and said that the actress had respiratory problems.

Actress and Director of Recife Geninha da Rosa Borges turns 100

Actress and Director of Recife Geninha da Rosa Borges turns 100

Maria Eugênia Franco de Sá da Rosa Borges was born in 1922 and has acted in more than 60 plays throughout her 81-year career. She was an actress, theater director, and teacher.

He worked all his life in theatre, film, radio and television. Her first experience with drama was in 1941, when she was 19 years old and starred in the play “Night of stars”, in an instrumental performance in Colégio São José (See the video above).

Genenha took to the stage at the invitation of playwright and doctor Valdemar de Oliveira. With him, the actress joined the Teatro de Amadores de Pernambuco (TAP).

Valdemar introduced Geninha to Otávio da Rosa Borges, brother of his wife Dina, whom the actress and director married in 1946.

Over the decades, Geninha has changed her character according to her age. In some productions, she played both girls and ladies.

One of her most famous works is the play “Mother of Saturday M30”, written by Luis Marinho and set during the 1930 revolution, which culminated in the coup that brought Getulio Vargas to the presidency.

Between the 1980s and the 2000s, Geninha worked as cultural director, in positions at the Museu da Cidade do Recifeat the Santa Isabel Theater and the Institute for Cultural Affairs of the Joachim Nabucco Foundation (Fundage).

Geninha of Rosa Borges and Ney Latorraca in ‘Da cor do sin’ (2004) – Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

In 2004, with more than 60 years of work on the stage, Genenha made her debut in television series. In the movie “Da Cor do Sin” on TV Globo, she played Donna Nono, a wealthy courtesan. He played opposite actress Maitê Proença and actor Ney Latorraca.

In 2007, the actress became the plot of the play “Geninha da Rosa Borges is Leão do Norte”, where, at the age of 85, she recounted her rich path interspersed with poems.

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