July 24, 2024

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Venezuela and US conclude virtual meeting promising “constructive” talks

Venezuela and US conclude virtual meeting promising “constructive” talks

The Venezuelan government’s chief negotiator, Jorge Rodriguez, said on Wednesday that the first virtual meeting with the US government team had concluded and that they had agreed to continue working to maintain “constructive and respectful” communication.

While the talks were aimed at “building trust,” Rodriguez said Venezuela “rejects the repeated misrepresentations of the conversation by US government spokespeople.”

Rodriguez said on social media site X that the new round of talks “should be limited to what was agreed in Qatar”. He referred to last year’s meetings, which agreements were not disclosed in detail.

A White House spokesman said the two representatives discussed various issues, including the July 28 presidential election in Venezuela.

President Nicolás Maduro had signaled on Monday that the meeting would be held weeks before the vote, although it was unclear whether the election results would be ratified.

Maduro is running for re-election against veteran former diplomat Edmundo Gonzalez, who has been tipped as the main opposition candidate after other candidates were blocked or unable to officially register.

In April, the United States lifted sanctions on oil from OPEC member Venezuela, accusing Maduro of not fully complying with electoral guarantees he made in deals with the opposition.

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