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Vini Jr disallowed goal, but Rodrygo shines, Real Madrid seek epic comeback against Sevilla and comfortably follow the lead

Vini Jr disallowed goal, but Rodrygo shines, Real Madrid seek epic comeback against Sevilla and comfortably follow the lead

In Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan, Real Madrid, the reclusive La Liga leader, beat Sevilla 3-2.

It was with passion, but real madrid Driving is still crowded the league. This Sunday (17), on a date in Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán, valid for Round 32Merengue won the Seville Returns in a ratio of 3 to 2 and continues easily at the end of the competition. The match was broadcast live ESPN on Star +Special offers inspired by Rodrigo And Vinicius Jr..

Merengue made an “unrecognizable” first half at Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán and was dominated by Sevilla on the field. The best chances were all from the hosts, who easily scored two consecutive goals after 20 minutes of dribbling the ball.

And it all started after a free kick by midfielder Ivan Rakitic in the 21st minute. The former Barcelona player also had a “living hand” from Real Madrid, who simply opened the barrier, while the ball passed through the middle and threw the net. Just watch Courtois goalkeeper.

After the show, you could have witnessed a heated discussion between defender Eder Militao and midfielder Luka Modric. The Brazilian was one of the players who stood against the wall and jumped forward the moment Rakitic’s shot.

The second goal came practically immediately after that. Corona easily bypassed Militao, conquered the area, played in the middle and Lamela had only the task of pushing to the back of the net. 2-0 to Sevilla in the first half.

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Real Madrid’s only good chance came in the 43rd minute with Benzema. Shirt 9 made a good move on the left, dribbled off two Sevilla, but sent it off after serving.

Real Madrid’s discounts at the beginning of the second half with Brazilian participation

Immediately after the break, coach Carlo Ancelotti changed. Camavinga left and Brazilian striker Rodrygo came in and it only took five minutes to score and score for Real Madrid.

Vinicius Junior Carvajal made a nice move and heel back, who crossed from inside the area to Rodrygo, who only had the task of pushing into the back of the net.

After the goal, the Madridists got excited and started creating the best chances to score. Benzema and Rodrygo were in great danger on the goal, which was defended by goalkeeper Bono.

Vini Jr. is a disallowed goal after a ‘controversial’ decision by the referee, but reaches the turn

In the 28th minute, Vini Junior hit the net and scored the second goal for Real Madrid against Seville, but the referee canceled it. Even after the VAR review, the referee saw the Brazilian touch with his arm on the ball at the time of dominance. However, by serving, it was possible to clearly see, in fact, that the ball hit only the chest of the attacker. Merengue players complained a lot.

But in the 37th minute, Real Madrid tied. Nacho, who had just come in, conceded from Carvajal and pushed into the net to make it 2-2 over Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan.

Practically at ‘lights out’, Real Madrid reached the epic turn. In additions, again with the participation of Vinicius Jr. And Rodrygo, Benzema, who had already tried to score since the first half, left his trip and made it 3-2.

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best moments

Tournament Mode

With this victory, Real Madrid went to 75 points and remains at the top of the isolated La Liga, 15 points behind its traditional rival Barcelona, ​​who is in second place with 60 points and two games less at the present time.

On the other hand, Seville is in third place, with the same result as Barcelona, ​​but has already played 32 matches.

The man: Rodrigo

The Brazilian striker was the big name of the game and was directly responsible for Real Madrid’s amazing reaction in the second half, scoring three goals in a short space of time.

Since entering the field, Rodrygo has already changed the script for Merengue. With only 5 minutes on the field, he already left his business card and scored the first goal for his team.

He was also so important to Real Madrid’s advance in attack, that he also helped achieve the turnaround goal, scored by Benzema, in injury time.

It was bad: Edir Militao

The Brazilian defender did not do well at Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan. In the first half, when Sevilla scored their goals, Militao was the protagonist in both shows.

In the first goal that Rakitic scored, there was a lack of communication with his other teammates, and he jumped forward in the Croatian free kick, opening a gap in the barrier and making it easy for the opponent to score.

In the second, he was bad at pointing and let Corona pass quietly towards the region. Soon after, Lamella stole the nets.

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Fortunately for him, Real Madrid changed their position completely in the second half and made a comeback.

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With the win, Real Madrid remains the sovereign in the confrontations against Sevilla. This is because since September 2018, the red and white team does not know what it will be like when they defeat Merengo.

Since then, Madrid have scored 6 wins and 1 draw in their last seven matches against their opponent.

Upcoming matches

Real Madrid returns to the pitch to face La Liga, on Wednesday (20), at 4:30 pm, to play the first leg against it. Osasuna. The match will be broadcast live ESPN on Star +.

And on Thursday (21) it is the turn of Seville, who will face him upload, outside the house. The match will be broadcast live ESPN on Star +.

data sheet

Seville 2 x 3 Real Madrid

Objectives: Seville: Rakitic (21′ 1°T) and Lamel (25′ 1°T); Real Madrid: Rodrygo (5°2°), Nacho (37°2°C) and Benzema (47°2°C).

Seville: Bono. Jesus Navas, Conde, Diego Carlos and Acuña (Augustenson); Jordan, Rakitic, Lamila (Ocampos), Papu Gomez (Oliver Torres) and Corona (Godelle); Martial (Rafa Mir). Technical: Julen Lopetegui

real madrid: Courtois. Lucas Vazquez (Nacho), Militao, Alaba and Carvajal; Modric (Asensio), Kroos, Camavinga (Rodrigo); Valverde, Benzema (Mariano) and Vinnie Jr… Technical: Carlo Ancelotti.