September 22, 2023

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Vivo iPhone 13 sells for R$13 per share of the “Valoriza” program

a vivo On Tuesday (14) a new special procedure began for clients who are part of the Valoriza Relationship Program. Everyone who participates in the campaign will have the opportunity to purchase one iPhone 13 Power R $13Nice discount on cell phone from An apple who currently costs From 6599 BRL.

In this new promotion unforgettable rescueThe operator will Sell ​​iPhone 13 At a reduced price in two time windows: from 14 to 17 and also from 20 to 23 December. Action will always take place at 1:13 PM (Eastern Time) on the listed dates, including a surprise question – anyone who is more flexible and answers the question correctly can complete the purchase.

According to the company, 13 customers will have the opportunity to purchase the phone at the promotional price, a iPhone 13 With 128 GB internal storage, in Black / Midnight. On the Apple Online Store, this alternative is being sold for R$7,599 at the moment.

For this version of Unforgettable Resgate, the campaign will be open to customers of all categories valuing vivoViolet, Silver, Gold, Platinum and V: Those who are part of the Platinum and V mods will have a double chance between the 20th and 23rd, when additional refunds will be issued exclusively to those enrolled in them.

How do you participate in the work?

Customers who are interested in buying iPhone 13 for R$13 should be interested in operator or operator There is at least 30 days He joined Vivo Valoriza. Users of Postpaid, Controle, Home Internet, Landlines and TV Plans are automatically enrolled in the Relationship Program.

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If you meet the requirements, just enter promotional work site In the days and times of the campaign and pay attention to the question of surprise. Whoever responds faster and healthier will be able to recover their smartphone on Vivo Online StoreDuring a maximum period of 48 hours, he paid only R$13.