July 24, 2024

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Who left BBB yesterday (12)?  Watch Tadeu’s speech and the moment he was left out

Who left BBB yesterday (12)? Watch Tadeu’s speech and the moment he was left out

Natalia has been eliminated from BBB 22 Tuesday night (12) with 83% of the vote. I opposed working at home with Gustavo and Paulo Andre Vi wall.

The participant was already Referred to eliminate one week according to survey performed by the gate UOL.


in tradition letter Before announcing who will leave the reality show, the presenter Thaddeus Schmidt Highlight the path of each wall inside the house. In addition, he also spoke about the strength of Natalia, despite her young age.

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Check out Tadeu’s full speech:

When I’m done, we’ll be seven. And look how elegant it is, I’ll start with an expression in French. Forgive my verbal abuse because I don’t speak the language. The translation could be “spirit of peace”. It’s that feeling someone gets leaving an argument and when they’re away they think “Damn, I should have said this or that.” I think there are people here who don’t have this problem.

Does Gustavo leave the discussion without sending a response and being satisfied with it? Gustavo quotes: “Go there, little plant”, “Think only of yourself”, “Keep calm”, “You don’t know what she said about me.”

Nat doesn’t leave the discussion unchanged either. Nat Quotes: “Get away from me, man,” “Stop being a rebellious girl, grow up,” “You’re my dad now, should I give you my blessing?” Aside from the occasional cries and some words that we can’t reproduce now because we live all over Brazil.

PA also reacts, but it has a different property. Sometimes he seeks ridicule and debauchery. Hence it is not just about what he says, but the manner, the gesture. These reactions elicit new ones, of course. The Palestinian Authority created friction here and there. Gustavo, of all the possible walls, was sent to no one.

Nat went straight to the first two walls of the program. He had obtained immunity against the third wall, but on the fourth wall she was there again. I imagined it could be like that. She knows she embodied intensity. Think of the most intense moment in BBB 22, Natália is there, acting, agonizing, or acting. From post-party arguments to Aquarius day.

Saying who was wrong and what was wrong is a very subjective assessment. But there is one point I can definitely say. Nat, the last few days, you got it wrong. I made a mistake that I don’t admit. You were wrong when you said you lost your power. If there’s one thing Natália Deodato will never lack, it’s strength. They can talk about something else, but not about strength.

A determined woman, she pursues what she wants. You always have so much strength in life, will you miss here at BBB? Remember when you heard things like, “Nobody will ever love you because you’re stained?” That was tough, and you missed it. You love making people bite their tongues. And look at what I’ve done now, can you imagine how many people, who for some reason are ashamed of their bodies, turn on the TV and there’s this empowered woman, treating their positions in an absolutely natural way, she says.

Vitilinda, to use another expression of yours. And you never used it to be a victim or to protect yourself. Strong woman. By the way, woman, it’s a girl. So much power that we forget that she is only 22 years old and has managed to show how beautiful it is to be a sky full of little clouds. Who will leave today is you, Natalia“.

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Watch the moment Natalya was eliminated from BBB 22