July 20, 2024

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Who voted for whom in the 14th edition

Who voted for whom in the 14th edition

Sunday is busyBBB 22 inch (TV Globo). After Lin was eliminated from QuebradaThe remaining eight brothers went to the outer region in search of another clue. Eliezer was lucky at night. Gustavo, Natalia and Paolo Andre are opposed to popular preference. Who do you want to destroy the fourteenth wall of reality my world?

Who do you want to remove from “BBB 22”?

total 16732 wishes

UOL voting has no scientific nature or influence on the outcome of TV Globo

Leader nomination

Eliezer won the test of luck and quickly Paulo Andre was nominated for the 14th Hot Seat on the programme: “Thinking about what formation the two would be in [Natália e Jessi]He justified it, it would be the Palestinian Authority.”

BBB 22: Eliezer in the Leader’s Exam

Photo: Reproduction / Globoplay

house vote

  • Arthur voted for Natalia.
  • Giseilan voted for Gustavo.
  • Natalia voted for Gustavo.
  • Pedro Scobe voted for Natalia.
  • Douglas Silva voted for Natalia.
  • Gustavo voted for Natalia.
  • Paulo Andre voted for Natalia.

Natalia was the most voted in the House of Representatives, receiving 5 votes and securing a place in the hot seat. Gustavo received only two votes. The other brothers in the sect were not mentioned.


With a difficult finger, Paolo Andrei drew Natalia to know the vote. The Woman Miner revealed that she voted for Gustavo and won the right to nominate a person. Then Nat pointed Gustavo to the hot seat.

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