June 16, 2024

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With an audience on the ground, Globo sets foot and makes a decision on Um Lugar ao Sol

Christopher and Christian (Kawa Raymond) in Am Lugar or Sol; Globo seeks a new plot-building solution (Photo: Press Release/Globo)

poor performance place in the sun Turned on the red light in Globe. The direction went in search of solutions and found the most suitable: re-release the plot of Lícia Manzo with more significant commercials, completely different from the plan presented before the premiere.

The first version of the call for the reissue of Um Lugar ao Sol was designed for commercial breaks after 6pm, primarily between the Nos Tempos do Imperador and Pega Pega blocks. information from the news.

At first, Globo thought of interpretive calls for the main group, with Christian/Renato (Kawa Raymond) and stories by Ravi (Juan Paiva), Lara (Andrea Horta) and Barbara (Aline Moraes).

Also, according to the report, Globo professionals were honored with the amount of praise for Um Lugar ao Sol, but this did not become synonymous with a good audience.


The current 9pm telenovela entered the list of prime-time telenovelas that scored less than 20 points. Last Tuesday’s score, averaging 15.6 points, put the plot in a junk table.

On the same day, in times of the emperor presented the same audience. The Genesis novel, by Record, gave more Ibope: 15.8. It is noteworthy that the producers did not compete at any time.

The story of the twin brothers was broadcast after 22:30 because of the Argentina-Brazil match, which is valid for the Qatar Cup qualifiers. Standard productions were shown at normal business hours, from 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

On the first day of this week, the series starring Kawa Raymond, Allen Moraes, Andrea Horta and Jose de Abreu had an average of just 22.9 points, a negative record so far since its debut on November 8th.

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Grid’s flying network and apparent unwillingness to direction were the main reasons for the bad phase of the nine o’clock plot.

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