July 24, 2024

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XE variant, UK reports increase in Omigron restructuring cases

XE variant, UK reports increase in Omigron restructuring cases

Sao Paulo – The United Kingdom Health Safety Agency (UKHSA) this week identified 367 cases of the new XE variant of the corona virus. It is a combination of Omigran’s BA.1 and BA.2 lines. According to the agency, XE is apparently 9.8% more prevalent than BA.2. The first case of this new variant was registered in the region on January 19th. To date, however, there is insufficient evidence to draw conclusions about the prevalence, severity, or efficacy of the vaccine.

In addition, health officials have identified two other types of restoration: XF and XD. Both combine parts of the delta and Omigron’s “original” strain BA.1. They found 38 cases of XF, but found no difference from mid-February. Scientists have identified 49 more XD cases worldwide, but it has not spread to the UK.

In Report card, UKHSA explains that “a restorative variation occurs when a person is affected by two or more variants simultaneously”. Thus, their genetic material mixes with the patient’s body. In most cases, according to the agency, the restructuring will “do no good to the virus.” However, scientists continue to “closely” monitor the evolution of these new species.

“Restructuring variants are not an uncommon occurrence, especially when there are multiple variations in circulation. Like most other species, most people die relatively quickly,” said Susan Hopkins, chief medical officer for the UKHSA. We can not yet confirm whether the growth is beneficial, “he said.

BA.2 dominance

Currently, The Sub Variation BA.2 Omigranin in the UK, according to the agency. In the UK, in particular, it has been at approximately 93.7% of cases in recent weeks. The UKHSA points out that since February, BA.2 has shown a 75% higher growth rate than other types in circulation.

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On the other hand, despite being highly contagious, the company says there is still no evidence that BA.2 infection poses a higher risk of hospital admission compared to Omigran’s “original” strain. Finally, the company points out Booster shot Vaccines against Covit-19 are 90% effective in protecting people over 65 from serious events, even after 14 weeks.

Covit balance in Brazil

The National Council of Health Secretaries says 285 deaths and 30,056 new Covit-19 cases have been reported in Brazil today.Konas) However, the Rio Grande do Norde did not provide data. On Tuesdays, health officials usually register higher rates due to the accumulation of weekends.

Nevertheless, the weekly average mortality rate dropped to 221 / day. For a week this rate is below 300 deaths per day. The moving average of cases is 28,540 / day. This is the first time since January 9 that the average number of cases has dropped below 30,000. In total, there are already 659,241 deaths from the officially registered Govt-19 in the country. And practically 29.9 million cases of this disease.

Covid-19 numbers in Brazil. Source: Konas