June 21, 2024

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"You are under arrest" · TV news

“You are under arrest” · TV news

After accidentally killing Nino (Rafael Casuccio) in the time of the emperor, Tonic (Alexander Nero) The journalist’s ghost will haunt him. The Vice-TV series at Six o’clock will feel a “premonition” in his sleep and will watch Caxias (Jackson Antunes) arrest him for the crimes described in the Book of the Deceased.

In this nightmare, the police invade your room so that your movement is frozen on the bed. Husband Dolores (Daphne Bozasky) He would be frightened until he found a scroll in his opponent’s hand.

“You are under arrest! Nino Sorrento’s book has been found! You are a traitor to the country, murderer!” , will yell Casillas. The villain shouts “No! I’m innocent!” Desperate, he will begin to struggle to escape the clutches of the officer and wake up trembling. The scenes are scheduled to air on January 4th..

undercover journalist

Nino will become Tonico’s nightmare after his death. The journalist, who until then was one of his greatest allies, will be caught receiving money to publish his book. In the work, he intended to chronicle all the rot of Alexander Nero’s character.

Tonico will find out everything and he will face Nino in the newsroom. Only they get involved in a clash until the reporter falls and hits his head. “Oxe! Arise, you bastard! Nino? He’s dead,” he’ll shoot the villain.

In the time of the emperor Almost 40 years after the events of new world (2017). In addition to spoilers, the the news He also publishes daily summaries of the television series at six o’clock.

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