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10 tours to enjoy Halloween in the UK

10 tours to enjoy Halloween in the UK

Oh Halloween, Celebrated on October 31, Much Celebrated in the United States, But other countries do not leave the date unchecked. Oh Halloween is not the UK, For example, is also celebrated in style. There are many places to take advantage of the context of the event. Check out 10 fun options.

10 Tours to Halloween in the UK -

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10 Tours to Halloween in the UK –

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10 tours for Halloween in the UK

1- For The Love of Horror – Manchester, Norde da Ingledera

This terrifying new experience of monopoly events will transform the Manchester Bowlers Exhibition Center into a deeper and cooler attraction. It takes courage to enter the Nightmare Zone, where horror characters greet viewers before engaging in battle with a force of zombies.

The place is full of poisonous creatures like tarantulas, cockroaches and snakes that come in horror movies. But at the end of the experience the fear rolls slightly before you fall into a ball. Perfect to celebrate Halloween is not the UK.

2- Evil Nights in the Blockchain Sign – Isle of Wide, Sal da Ingledera

The proposal for a new horror attraction at the Blackgang Sign Amusement Park takes place in the land of twisted imagination. Cursed Mill Evil Nights promises to attract screams from those confronting the cliff roller coaster.

Another scary experience can be experienced on the ghost train. You can also take part in competitions and activities at the Freaky Fair.

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3- Fort Castle – Cumbria, northwest England

Moncaster Castle celebrates the scariest time of the year in a scary way. This is because the local castle is known as one of the most haunted in Britain.

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In that place, there is a mysterious Moswol maze and you can hear horror stories. The brave can face the Spectral Grotto. There, amidst the screams, the audience is greeted by the Monster Monster Cabaret – a show attended by magicians, fire eaters and acrobats.

4- Journey to the Underworld – Landress, Ingledera

It’s a journey to discover the “greatest love story ever told” at Betley Street Station in East London’s Shoreditch. At the site, Funicular Productions brings to life an intriguing new theater experience.

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Halloween: Discover seven “ghost” places in the United Kingdom

Fiction mixes danger, fear, hope and love, and the last meal in heaven before the journey to the underworld. In experience, one has to surpass the attractive Gate Keeper, Hunchback Harpinger and Dark One.

5- Ghoulies Haunted House – Liverpool, noroeste da Inglaterra

Combining a terrifying direct attraction, Ghoulies Haunted House escalated tensions after creating a horror-themed bar for Liverpool residents and spectators. Halloween is not the UK.

2018 Gravity is a clown character, Cavity the Clone. In a frightening way, he walks around the haunted house with a nervous laugh. At other times of the year you can enjoy horror drinks and events like the Scorpio Karaoke, the Brain Dead Quiz and the Pookie Bingo.

6- Fort of Shillingham – Shillingham Northumberland, Northeast England

This 13th century fort has been the scene of bloody wars and mysterious maneuvers for centuries. Beautiful places to explore its rooms and gardens. To experience one of the most haunted castles in the UK, go to the torture chambers or join the Ghost Tour.

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7- The Ancient Ram Hotel – Gloucestershire, West England

For nearly 900 years, the ancient Ram Hotel has fascinated passers-by and villagers with its brutal and bloody history in the village of Wotten-Under-Edge in Gloucestershire. There are countless reports of occult events taking place here, making this site one of the most haunted in the country. Someone who has the courage may try to stay at home but it will be a little difficult to believe.

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8- Newton House – Dinefwr, Pembrokeshire, West Wales

Dinefwr Estate is a beautiful 18th century Newton House, in the center of the site that welcomes a haunted visitor every night in the form of Lady Eleanor Cavendish. At the same time, this is what is believed UK Halloween.

Legend has it that she was engaged to a man she did not love, and when she ran away from him and tried to return to Dinefwr and his family, her lawyer strangled her. It is said that the audience can hear muttering voices and observe the occult activities from the basement of the servants.

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9- Fort St. Privel – Gloucestershire, West England

Maintained by the English tradition, the fort is now a youth hostel. If you want to hear many horror stories collected over 800 years within these walls, stay here. When exploring the castle, it is possible to explore the cool atmosphere, especially when reading the plea notes carved on the wall by prisoners who have lived in the area for centuries.

10- Fortress of Chlamys – Scotland

Known as one of Scotland’s most haunted castles, Fortress of Chlamys – the childhood home of Queen Elizabeth’s mother, 20 minutes drive from Dundee – is home to many spirits, according to legend. UK Halloween. It dates from 1372 and may have inspired Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”. There are many scary accounts of ghost tours, especially of the horrific historical events surrounding Halloween.