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100 days later, transitional leader still assesses Cruzeiro’s situation as ‘dangerous’ and cites Ronaldo’s goal: ‘Leave a legacy’ |  Sea trip

100 days later, transitional leader still assesses Cruzeiro’s situation as ‘dangerous’ and cites Ronaldo’s goal: ‘Leave a legacy’ | Sea trip

Ronaldo recently completed 100 days of work at Sea trip, since it was announced that he will be a SAF investor in the club. Gabriel Lima, the trusted man of the phenomenon, gave an interview to Globe We assessed the severity of the financial situation, but it showed confidence in better days. He hopes to achieve what Ronaldo wants: to “leave a legacy”.

– Ronaldo has a relationship with Sea trip this is old. I noticed a lot of emotional engagement with Sea trip. He talks a lot about inheritance and about leaving a legacy. To create a legacy for the masses. maximum participation. I’ve never seen him take part in this project. Of course he is very involved in Valladolid. But this is the link he played. I feel like he’s close, and he wants to help. Anyway trying to help. Make connections and talk to people and businesses. He’s been working hard to work for Sea trip – Highlights of Lima.

The deadline to sign the final contract to acquire Ronaldo is until April 18. But it is not a mandatory effective date. Gabriel Lima explained the final actions.

– It’s a binding letter. Suggested letter. From another period, the club can accept the proposal and receive the proposal. Nothing prevents us from signing on the 18th, because we need financial support to pay the transfer ban. The biggest task (to sign the final contract) is to sharpen the edges. There are several decades. It’s not just. A very complicated contract. We are following up with the legal authorities to log in in the next few days. You sign up every now and then you have a waiting period and it ends. By the end of the month we will have everything ready.

Ronaldo in the penalty area in Mineirao next to Gabriel Lima – Photo: Globo

With exactly 110 days on Thursday, Ronaldo has already attacked some of the situations that are necessary to reorganize Sea trip. Such as the reduction of 66% of the budget in football, the adjustment of cash flow, the organization of the legal part and the structural reorganization of the club. However, the situation is still dangerous due to short-term debt.

– It’s a very dangerous situation that Sea trip Yes, it is still dangerous. Even with support, it is a condition that requires a lot of care, and must be worked on in a very firm and professional manner. This is what we do and will continue to do.

Never sweep anything under the rug. In fact, the work is the opposite, it is to identify the debts, where they are, who are with them, how we succeed in making those payments and ensuring the survival of the main club, being competitive.

The Ronaldo phenomenon – Cruzeiro Council vote – Photo: Gustavo Alexo / Cruzeiro

Ronaldo’s team is interested in a series of points. The main goal, at this moment, is to maintain the survival Sea trip.

The debt is too big. She has a very aggressive short-term profile. So, we are working hard on this restructuring to be able, in the short and medium term, to ensure our survival, to be able to organize the club, with up-to-date payroll, with up-to-date payments, with everything working. , with new appointments. The next step is this. In addition to completing the assembly of the team, it is also about bringing our employees to the administrative area. There are a number of things we’ve been holding back at the moment, awaiting that approval.

We have made a great effort to keep salaries updated. We talked about it, and we said, “Okay, we updated the salaries, so let’s talk about that.” Paying the salary is a duty right?! We will not disclose our salary payment. I don’t feel good about doing that.

Gabriel Lima also admitted that when the team began to consider the situation of Sea tripHe saw that the situation was more complicated. More knowledge that most revenue is at risk.

The amount of debt is staggering, it’s really scary. We had an idea when we signed the intent to buy, but it’s this short-term debt profile that scares us the most. You have very high debt, with very short maturities, and this is very aggressive debt to a Division II organization, which is generating less income, and this is really coming from a period of years with this low revenue buildup, going through a pandemic.

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“No budget frenzy”

Ronaldo’s goal, until the end of the year, is to raise expenses to the level of 35 million Brazilian riyals. without making any more expenditures than the heavenly budget allows.

Football is a priority, but we won’t do any budget frenzy. What we want to build is a long-term sustainable club. And to build this, it is impossible not to suffer in the short term. Revenues were too low and expenses too high. It’s the balance between income and expenses, and of course, because you have less football budget, you suffer more.

Gabriel Lima, Ronaldo’s management transfer captain on the cruise – Photo: Gustavo Alexo/Cruzeiro

The idea is that as the years go by, in the long run, the Sea trip Prove yourself with the budget of a football giant like a club. We cannot spend more than we earn. The concept is basic, but in Brazilian football, it is not respected.

According to Gabriel Lima, budget control in Sea tripToday it is done in a military way.

– We won’t do that. We have very clear guidelines, our budget is very clear, we have a budget that has to be followed in a military way, because we know that is the only way to do it. Sea trip grow in the long term. It has to suffer in the short term to grow in the long term. I can’t tell you this year’s budget, but I can tell you it’s short.

Football restructuring

Of interest, right from the start, is the restructuring of celestial football. Not only in the formation of the team, but also in the reorganization of the football and medicine department of the club, as well as the renovations of the Toca da Raposa.

– There is great concern because in the end like any company. Imagine that you are working in a place where you do not have the tools to work. Today the structure of football is the structure that, because of the situation Sea trip Pension, economical, requires a lot of maintenance, and due to the economic situation the maintenance is reduced. It’s normal, but now we have to invest. So we have an investment plan over time, in both Toca I and Toca II to improve these business conditions.

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Third field launched from Toca da Raposa for use by Cruzeiro – Photo: Gustavo Aleixo/Cruzeiro

starting on friday, Sea trip The journey begins in the Brazilian Series B. Encounter Bahia at Fonte Nova. Despite a good campaign at the start of the season, Ronaldo Phenomeno’s management expects difficulties in the competition, mainly due to the presence of clubs who have more investment in the squad.

The Philosophy Passed On, What We Want For Sea trip, Pezzolano succeeded in passing that to the field in a very easy way. The players understood the coach’s philosophy, and Sea trip. But Mineiro’s performance did not fool us. The competition is tough. Perhaps one of the toughest League Two in recent years. Very big teams, much bigger investment sizes from our team. People are not fooled. It will not be easy. We have a team that will fight hard on the field. This we will build over the months.

For this transfer period, which ends next Tuesday, Sea trip Five other athletes must score: goalkeeper Gabriel Mesquita, midfielder Neto Moura, attacking midfielder Leonardo Paes, as well as forwards Rafael Silva and Rodolfo. No further reinforcements are expected at this time.

– I think it will be difficult now in the first window. Who cares about football is Pedro, Paulo and Ronaldo. I am trying to help with the administrative part. But the work of Pedro and Paolo is amazing. They’re working on getting these pieces.

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