September 29, 2023

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8 facts you should know about prostate cancer

8 facts you should know about prostate cancer

Prostate cancer kills thousands of Brazilians every year

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NS blue november It is an international movement to educate people about the importance of prevention Prostate cancer The disease is common among men over 40 years of age. According to data from INCA (National Cancer Institute), it is estimated that by the end of 2021, more than 65 thousand people will be diagnosed with a tumor. But the worst news is that the disease claims approximately 15,000 fatal victims each year.

To reverse this situation and prevent prostate cancer from causing the deaths of thousands of Brazilians, the only way out is to include a reagent test in the routine. Early diagnosis is a key factor in facilitating treatment and increasing the chances of a cure. In addition to avoiding the potential side effects of surgical procedures and radiotherapy.

“On the other hand, when prostate cancer is recognized at more advanced stages, the indicated treatment becomes more aggressive, which may even compromise testosterone production. A deficiency of this hormone, among other things, increases the risks of cardiovascular disease and impotence. sexual and cognitive disorders,” explains clinical oncologist Andre Soares.

The recommendation is that all men – regardless of age – have a consultation at least once a year with a urologist. The doctor, in addition to checking the need to examine possible tumors, assesses the general state of health of the patient to prevent the appearance of other diseases. “One of the factors in maintaining a healthy life is periodic preventive examinations, because if there is any problem, early diagnosis leads to better treatment,” emphasizes urologist Dr. Carlos Bautzer.

Check below some of the data highlighted by the Brazilian Urological Society on prostate cancer:

  1. Prostate cancer is the second most common tumor in men, after skin tumors (other than melanoma).
  2. On average, prostate cancer is diagnosed every seven minutes.
  3. One person dies from the disease every 40 minutes.
  4. 25% of prostate cancer patients die of the disease. The number can be smaller if all cases are detected earlier;
  5. 20% of prostate cancer patients are diagnosed at an advanced stage
  6. When symptoms begin to appear, 95% of cases are already in an advanced stage. Therefore, periodic examinations are necessary, even if there are no obvious discomforts;
  7. There is still no concrete protection against this disease. But it can be diagnosed early;
  8. With early diagnosis, the chances of recovery are 90%.

Physical activities are welcome

Although science has not yet discovered a proven way to prevent the onset of prostate cancer, betting on a healthy lifestyle is one way to strengthen the body against the disease.

“There is an association – albeit small – between physical activity and a lower chance of developing prostate cancer. Although there are no more detailed conclusions about the association between lifestyle habits and the incidence of this type of male tumor, INCA and the Ministry of Health agree that a healthy diet A balanced diet and other factors related to well-being can help prevent not only this, but also many other types of cancer,” concludes Dr. Andre Soares.

Resources: Dr. Andre Soares, oncologist at Grupo Oncoclínicas in São Paulo and scientific director of LACOG-GU (Latin American Collaborative Oncology Group – Urogenital). Dr. Carlos Bautzer, urologist at the Center for Sexual Medicine at Serio Hospital Lebanon and Assistant Physician in the Urology course at ABC Medical School.

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