May 18, 2024

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A 15-year-old girl died of Covit-19 on the day she was vaccinated in the UK

Portsmouth, England – A 15-year-old girl in Portsmouth, England, died on the day she was vaccinated against Govt-19. Jorge Holiday died last Tuesday, four days after being infected with the new corona virus. He was admitted to Queen Alexandra Hospital.

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The girl’s mother, Tracy Holiday, told the British media that her daughter was active and had no illness. Shortly before the PCR test, the girl developed fever-like symptoms, which were positive. She was immediately isolated at home. According to the mother, the young woman was scheduled to be vaccinated the same day she died.

With difficulty eating between Sunday and Monday, George began taking antibiotics as prescribed by his doctor. After his health deteriorated, he was taken to the hospital, where his heart rate was found to be twice as normal. The boy was later admitted to hospital.

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– They realized how serious it was, I could touch her, hold her hand and hug her. They let me do this. I’m in a position where I can not understand what happened – said the woman’s mother, according to The Guardian. – I was with her the whole time. They tried to put a respirator to recover her body. Your heart rate is not normal. Her heart could not take the effort. They did what they could but could not save her.

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Early autopsy results showed that George had suffered a heart attack due to inflammation of the heart muscle – Govit-19.