May 20, 2024

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A Brazilian woman who was intoxicated in the United States has been admitted to hospital for a week;  The family asks for help

A Brazilian woman who was intoxicated in the United States has been admitted to hospital for a week; The family asks for help

SATTANOUGA, USA – 25-year-old Jefferson Marley Pinheiro de Freitas has been hospitalized for a week at Erlanger Hospital in Sattanoka, Tennessee, USA. Brazilians were also among those killed in a joint accident last Saturday by a drunk driver.

Marley Pony was on a sidewalk on Oaks Drive and was waiting for a group of friends to arrive on a motorcycle. He and others were attacked by a black Cadillac driven by a woman identified as 59-year-old Angela Daniels Mason.

Angela “looked very nervous” when agents arrived at the scene, according to Chattanooga police. The WRCB television network described Angela as “sluggish, with instability in her legs, watery eyes, and a strong alcohol odor in her breath.”

The police gave Angela a sober check, and she found it difficult to maintain her balance. The driver was chased away by police as the driver was hostile.

“They called me on Saturday night and told me my son was in the hospital. When I met him, I thought he was going to die. Her condition was serious and she was severely beaten – says Marlonie’s mother Veronica Taylor.

The young man from Brazil was standing on the side of the road when he jumped on him. He was gesturing to give way to cars for motorcyclists trying to cross the avenue. Angela, who was drunk at the time, attacked four pedestrians.

Marley was the victim with serious injuries. He suffered a broken leg, a fractured face and a brain hemorrhage.

“He had to put needles in his broken leg, the bones in his face were broken, and he had to rebuild the interior, and he is being checked every day to see if there is any bleeding in his brain.” Now his image is stable, he is clear, but he forgets things, ”he said.

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Veronica, originally from Rio de Janeiro, has lived in the United States with her son for ten years. She has no steady job and survives by cleaning people’s homes. The son was admitted to the hospital so he could not work.

“I hope people will help me stay in the hospital with him.” In a situation where he finds himself, he cannot be alone. He takes care of his needs and I have to clean. So friends came to the rescue. Then look at the most expensive hospital fees in the United States. I would like to file a lawsuit to get a driving loan, but I do not know how long it will take.

The online kitty was created three days ago with the goal of raising $ 10,000. As of this Saturday afternoon, 23 people have donated and the total amount raised is US $ 2,000.