June 23, 2024

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A gang that specialized in stealing Lego was arrested in the US

A gang that specialized in stealing Lego was arrested in the US

The Los Angeles police in the United States broke up a gang of thieves Lego. 2,800 toy boxes were found in the suspect’s home. Found after months of investigation. The corporation released the information this week.

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you tools Popular models include Harry Potter This is Star Wars. Since December, the police have been monitoring the thefts and gathering enough evidence to take action.

On Thursday 6, a police operation was carried out at the residence of 71-year-old Richard Siegel in Long Beach. On site, 2,800 tools The Legos are worth between US$20 (R$105) and US$1 thousand (R$5.3 thousand) each.

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“During agents’ investigation at Siegel’s home, potential Lego buyers came forward, lured by advertisements Siegel had posted on online sales sites,” the Los Angeles Police Department said Thursday.

Woman caught stealing Lego

Lego pieces
were discovered tools Price over R$5 thousand | Photo: MW/Pixabay

Blanca Gudino, 39, was caught stealing boxes of Lego from a local store, leading to police action. Siegel was charged with organized crime for stealing merchandise from retail stores, while Blanca was charged with stealing toys.

Police said the gang had been monitoring them for months. The operation culminated in the seizure of a large quantity of Lego. The corporation highlighted the complexity of the criminal scheme.

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