May 18, 2024

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A journalist fighting cancer reveals his speeches upon his death

A journalist fighting cancer reveals his speeches upon his death

Journalist and presenter Deborah James, 40, who is battling late-stage bowel cancer, revealed that she wrote letters to her children and instructions to her husband when he died.

According to The Mirror, The Sun columnist gave an interview to The Times and said she left recommendations for her companion Sebastian. “I gave him strict instructions: I want him to go ahead. He’s a handsome guy, I was like, ‘Don’t be fooled, don’t marry a bitch, find someone else who can make you laugh like we did,'” he revealed.

Deborah is the mother of Hugo, 14, and Eloise, 12, and in her letters she asks her sons to open her sons at special times. “Telling my kids was horrible,” she said. “My husband Sebastian has been amazing, he has given up everything and is with me 24/7.”

“My first thought was that I didn’t want my kids to see me that way. I thought I wouldn’t be able to talk to them without crying, but I’d finally like a hug.”

Recently, Deborah James wrote an emotional letter to fans She said her body “can’t go on anymore”. The disease was discovered in December 2016 in an advanced stage.

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