May 18, 2024

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A Pola - Wolverhampton Introduces Record Label (United Kingdom)

A Pola – Wolverhampton Introduces Record Label (United Kingdom)

Wolverhampton, a Premier League club coached by Bruno Loque, joined Warner Music’s Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA) to become the first English football club to launch a record label.

Wolves Records will allow artists to benefit from the Premier League club’s global reach while gaining access to ADA’s marketing and distribution expertise.

Through the website, local, national and international singers, bands and producers can now submit their samples for a new publisher rating.

You Lopos They have been investing their efforts for some time in projects beyond football, projects in the world of sports and fashion, the latest partnership with American sports legends Evil Genius and a high-end fashion line launched on the runway above the skyscraper. In Shanghai, China.

Artists signing Wolves Records will benefit from ADA’s global distribution network, digital marketing, product management and radio promotion, but will be supported by Clin’s various media and digital channels, including Molinux Stadium and all Wolverhampton’s digital productions

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