June 23, 2024

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A wounded man was treated in an ambulance for suspected smallpox

A wounded man was treated in an ambulance for suspected smallpox

The patient with injuries to his body needs to be treated in an ambulance before being accepted by North Wing Regional Hospital (Harran). The man and the other people went so far as to say that it was monkey pox. However, the hypothesis was soon discarded.

a capital Cities He listened to a servant from the Department of Health who was on duty when he was called to receive the patient. “When we were informed that it was a possible case of monkeypox, care had to be taken inside the ambulance itself. The specialist, who requested that his identity be preserved, said the doctor had to assess the patient’s condition inside the transport as there was no suitable place.”

The report spoke to another hospital source who ruled out a diagnosis of monkeypox in the man who was treated in the ambulance. “There was a patient who arrived in Harran and they said it was smallpox, but it wasn’t the case. He explained that the pests are completely out of the pattern of the disease.

wanted Health Secretary He said, “The information of a patient treated in an ambulance is incorrect.” The volume also reported that DF is already ready to deal with the new disease.

He stressed that “as soon as the first cases were registered in Brazil, the Strategic Information Center on Health Surveillance (Cievs) of the PSD issued an epidemiological alert to primary care units and hospitals of public and private networks.”