June 23, 2024

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Afghan footballers relocate to England with the help of Kim Kardashian – Sports

Thirty-five players Afghanistan women’s national team And their families, a total of 130 were threatened with a return to power in their country Taliban, Arrived in the UK this Thursday on a plane funded by the American Socialist Kim Kardashian.

The athletes, who lost an airlift arranged in Kabul in August, have lived in fear with their families in Afghanistan since the Taliban came to power.

They landed at Stansted Airport in London this Thursday, according to the ROKiT Foundation, which helped them flee Afghanistan. Athletes were deported to the UK on a plane sponsored by socialist Kim Kardashian, according to the British agency PA.

Siu-Anne Gill, CEO of the ROKiT Foundation, says she is “deeply touched by the courage of these women” and hopes the “football family” will help them with this “second chance in life”.

Leeds United backed the young players, and its owner Andrea Rodrஸszani said in a statement that he was “delighted” with the team’s arrival.

“It shows the power of football and the game in general as a force for good and how the football community can cooperate and mobilize to save lives,” he added.

Leeds volunteered to host youth divisions to offer these players a “prosperous future”.

“Like the other people we brought to the UK from Afghanistan, the girls on the Afghanistan women’s team will be warmly welcomed, supported and accommodated,” a British government spokesman said.

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