May 25, 2024

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After defeat in the Brazilian's debut, Marquinhos Santos is expelled in North America |  America mg

After defeat in the Brazilian’s debut, Marquinhos Santos is expelled in North America | America mg

After a precarious start to the season, coach Marquinhos Santos is no longer America MG. The breakup occurs after the defeat to Avai, in Brazil’s debut, with a 1-0 lead, away from home. The match also saw the expulsion of American players. In Coelho, there were 31 matches, 12 wins, 8 draws and 11 losses. Use 47.31%.

The coach had a contract with the club until May 31. According to America, after the match, there was a meeting with the board of directors located in Florianopolis, and by mutual agreement, the parties chose to terminate the bond. (Read the full note at the end of the article)

Marquinhos Santos, coach of América-MG, before the duel with Guaraní-PAR – Photo: Publicity / América

“After a meeting on Sunday evening, the board of directors and America coach Marquinhos Santos reached the conclusion of putting an end to the working cycle at the club. The captain even held a press conference after Avaí’s setback at Ressacada Stadium, but upon his arrival the technical committee and the board of the hotel met and decided to bring forward a termination date The contract will expire in May 2022.”

At Campeonato Mineiro, the campaign was also poor. With the Libertadores prioritized, Coelho was unable to make it past the first stage, and for most of the tournament the club opted to use youngsters from the base.

The qualification to the group stage came from the Libertadores after two historic matches. The club managed to advance with an away victory and take the dispute to penalty shootouts. Playing in Independência, America failed to win the international competition.

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America note

After a meeting on Sunday evening, America’s board and coach, Marquinhos Santos, came to the conclusion of the club’s working cycle. The captain even held a press conference after Avaí’s setback at Estádio da Ressacada, but upon his arrival at the hotel, the technical committee and the board of directors met and decided to offer to terminate the contract, which will expire in May 2022.

América Futebol Clube is grateful for all the great work done by the professional and his assistant Edison Borges, who made history in America with the best Serie A position in all editions and an unprecedented attendance at the Libertadores 2022. This year, the coach managed, however, to take the team to the group stage in Continental competition with two historical rankings in Pré-Libertadores.

Coelho does not have any negotiations with any new coach yet. As soon as the club formalizes something, the situation will be reported to the press.

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