October 1, 2023

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After the biggest increase in GDP since 2014, PR calls are alarming again

After the biggest increase in GDP since 2014, PR calls are alarming again

Industry played an important role in increasing the GDP of Parana.| Photo: Archive / AEN

Parana recorded the largest increase in gross domestic product (GDP) since 2014 in 2021: the index grew by 3.3%. This improvement is mainly the result of a recovery in industry – especially the civil construction and automotive sector – and services. The data were Released today Thursday (31) Parana Institute for Economic and Social Development (IPARTS).

Paranானா’s GDP, R $ 579.3 billion, accounted for 6.67% of Brazil’s GDP at the time. An increase of 8.52% in industry and 2.28% in services was decisive for the results. Prolonged drought caused crop failure of soybeans, maize and sugarcane, reduced beef processing and led to a -9.53% decline in agriculture. Tax collection varied by 8.16%.

CEO of Ipardes, Daniel Nojima, Explained to the state news agency that the state’s recovery began in the last quarter of 2020 and remained stable throughout the first half of last year. In the previous year, in addition to the severe drought, with the impact of epidemics in all sectors, the GDP of Parana fell by -1.84%.

Throughout 2021, the automotive industry and the various branches that make up the manufacturing sector expanded, with an emphasis on the production of machinery and equipment. The good performance of civil construction had an impact. The positive outcome of the services took into account the recovery of functions in its segments, which were most affected by the epidemic.

“Last year, Parana’s GDP grew despite the crisis. With the exception of Govt-19, inflation and higher interest rates have had a major impact on meteorological energy production and agriculture, which has a huge impact on the state’s economy, ”Nojima explained. “There has been an increase in the number of jobs, helping to recoup a portion of the service sector”.

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However, the warning resurfaced in the last quarter. GDP showed stability over the corresponding period of the previous year, with a variance of 0.01% and an accumulated value of 3.3%. However, in value added measures (GDP minus taxes), the industry expanded by only 0.98% and the agriculture sector declined by -8.05% and the services sector by -0.57%.

In the field, sugarcane and beef production declined, resulting in poor performance. In the service sector, retail sales plummeted, causing a setback.

“The services sector is recovering from an increase in the number of jobs.