September 25, 2023

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American Horror stories season 2: Everything you need to Know

American Horror Story Season 2 has started on FX with “Dollhouse” episode, a back-door prequel to the last season. The surface of the episode is about an unlucky girl at a job interview, who finds herself captured by psychotic dollmaker. However, the point is twisted into some of the fans’ favorite lore from the show in a nice little surprise at the end.

What are the surprising twists in American Horror Stories Season 2?

With the American Horror Stories, there are many different types of stories based on the season. The challenge to decipher the clues is made harder because the show features an anthology format.

The show is constantly changing. Some episodes are connected by theme, others reference episodes from past seasons. The series has a unique twist on how the plot unfolds, with some episodes tying together nicely and others being completely standalone.

American Horror Story is based on Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuks award-winning series, which will feature a horror story each episode.

The American Horror Story franchise has redefined the horror genre, with a multitude of different chapters, including: an asylum, a coven of witches, a freak show and a hotel. These television chapters have generated devotion from fanatics who anticipate what new terrors await in the next chapter.

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