June 12, 2024

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An American doctor warned of strange ingredients in vaccines?  - R7 . screen

An American doctor warned of strange ingredients in vaccines? – R7 . screen

Post in message groups, videos with interviews, in English, of a person identified as a doctor in the state of Georgia, in the United States, with controversial information against vaccines against Covid-19. Two readers uploaded the video to MonitoR7 to verify the information.

The professional interviewed is Carrie Maddie, an osteopath who became famous on the networks after linking coronavirus vaccines to conspiracy theories to take over the world. Orthopedics, although part of the curricula of some American universities, does not incorporate traditional medicine and does not qualify its specialists to conduct scientific tests and experiments in the laboratory.

In the videos, Carey says she tested the Moderna and Janssen vaccines and was “horrified” by the results. Americans cite their finding of sentient beings with tentacles, after observing a vaccine sample, taken with a microscope.

In addition to the supposed creature, Midge claims that the liquid had different colors than the original. The two tests that the doctor claims were performed were performed at room temperature and without interference from other subjects. But the orthopedist himself reveals that he has no records of what happened.

Carey was denied several times, but she did not respond to the accusations. The effectiveness of the vaccine, which has been proven worldwide, has only diminished its popularity, to the point that the videos still circulating date back to 2020, when vaccines were still being tested.

To clarify any doubts, MonitoR7 contacted experts, so they could comment on the health professional’s arguments.

Raquel Stocchi, of the Brazilian Society of Infectology (SBI), stated that the orthopedist’s statements were without foundation or any scientific evidence. “If there is any serious risk of adverse effects, from injecting foreign metals, for example, we will have that data. However, what we have is the opposite, that is epidemic control in all places where most of the population is already vaccinated” . says the doctor.

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Stucchi asserts that there is no scientific record, worldwide, of organisms or molecules, such as those mentioned by Madej, in any of the vaccines. Scientists, doctors and laboratories around the world have access to vaccines and can examine them under a microscope at any time.

As for the potential for vaccines to cause cancer, this issue has already been the subject of other MonitoR7 texts, which you can access in the links below. Dr. Paulo Hoff, Head of Oncology at Rede D’Or São Luiz, explained that with the new vaccine technology from Pfizer and Moderna, the genetic code cannot be changed. For this, vaccines should cause reverse transcription, but this does not happen, because according to the doctor: “It is a myth. It is a myth. ”

In addition to the misinformation found above, in her videos, Medj brings up other lies about vaccines, which MonitoR7 has previously investigated. In one of her interviews, the orthopedic doctor talked about changing DNA after applying mRNA technology vaccines. In August, MonitoR7 published a text on the subject, which is also in the links below.