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Analysis: No shot on goal, Atlético MG surrenders on a hellish night (again) at the Maracana |  Athlete - mg

Analysis: No shot on goal, Atlético MG surrenders on a hellish night (again) at the Maracana | Athlete – mg

It was another visit Atletico MG To the Maracana to be remembered, learned and corrected. If he forgets, he tends to repeat himself. Antonio Mohamed was very wrong. Gallo’s coach, with a cooler body position, saw the team succumb to the “hell” set up by the Flamengo.

. current champion Brazil Cup He was eliminated in the round of 16 of the competition. The draw was tough, Lazaro’s goal, the first leg, and more. Alfinegro’s performance in Mineirao was a buildup of bad seasons. Alan and Alonso’s errors in the original points for Arascaeta’s goals jump into the eye, but Atlético was drifting away from the classification in an accelerating fashion.

Hulk, Felipe Lewis, and Leo Pereira; Flamengo vs Atletico MG – Photo: Andre Durau

Had it not been for goalkeeper Iverson to intervene at least twice, the disaster would have been even greater. If the attack against the Fluminense, at 5 to 3, at least offset the result of the poor performance, Hulk and Company didn’t even hit the target of goalkeeper Santos.

Gayer came to scare with a header, in the first half. Hulk, well-marked, and with no proximity to his attacking companions, isolated a pass in the second half, on the first capture, with the left hand. The ambiance of the Maracana affected his shoulders.

Nacho Fernandez, from Atlético-MG – Photo: Pedro Souza / Atlético-MG

Atlético’s resistance lasted 45 minutes. Alan erred, losing in the body of striker Pedro. Then came Arascaeta’s goal movement. The ball got stuck between Arana and Nathan Silva. The former Cruzeiro player has a thorn in his side. Trolley opened the scoring in injury time.

Atlético returned with the same squad. But she breathed in the game. He had more possession of the ball. Try to hurt the flamingo. Nothing is produced. The ball was on the ground, and the start to stand again was a failure. Junior Alonso had trouble, he had no one to play with. A flamingo piece, Pedro stole, and Paraguay made a mistake.

In a free kick by Everton Ribeiro, Arascaeta was a free-kick on top of the area. It occupied the empty space at the far left. A fatal headshot, confirmed by the VAR. The broth spilled once when Junior Alonso ended up receiving a second yellow card, and sent off, for a killing counterattack.

The 4,500 athletes had to wait about one hour after the final whistle to leave the Maracana. Nothing compares to the night of a Hulk who stayed up until 3am on anti-doping, with difficulties completing urine collection for examination.

Turku Muhammad explained a few of the reasons for the poor performance of the rooster. Words should be better, especially with regard to the field of solutions. Atlético will fight for the Brazilian and he has Palmeiras in the Libertadores. Reinforcements are in Cidade do Galo, the calendar is less tight, and any elimination is an opportunity to unite forces, correct paths and search for titles. It was so in 2021.

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Galo na Veia – Atlético-MG Membership Program – Photo: Disclosure