May 29, 2024

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Analysis: The winning team in Atlético-MG history shows nerves of steel again |  Athlete - mg

Analysis: The winning team in Atlético-MG history shows nerves of steel again | Athlete – mg

When Flamengo turned the game around in the second half with a goal from Bruno Henrique, the cow looked like it was going to go into the swamp. But goalkeeper Iverson looked at his colleagues and put his index fingers at the level of the brain, as if asking for calm and coolness. that’s how Atletico MG He won the Brazilian Super Cup.

A duel reinforced the poorly drafted competition in the logistical part, in which the champion Brazilian team and the Copa de Brazil were with all the possible situation of visiting the confrontation. Gallo won an exciting duel also on penalties, and the goalkeeper was once again a lifesaver. What never seemed to end with Iverson’s defense of the Vetinho charge, after Hulk converted (he always is) the second penalty.

Gallo managed to win all the national titles promoted by the Brazilian Confederation within 80 days. Iverson, Mariano, Nathan Silva, Junior Alonso (Godin), Guilherme Arana; Alan, Gayer, Nacho, Zaracho (Savarino), Keanu and Hulk (Vargas) combine as the most winning team in club history

Goalkeeper Iverson celebrates his penalty shootout victory over Flamengo – Photo: Pedro Sousa/Atletico-MG

In normal time, Atletico and Flamengo played a great match for 32,000 fans in Arena Pantanal. The rooster could not hold the ball in the first half and did not frighten much. Flamengo arrived with danger in its powerful offensive scheme. Much of the individual technical quality determines the course of the match. The technicians are just getting started, the season is just getting started, the weather is stifling, but it’s a guaranteed sight.

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Penalties were the best way for Flamengo to get out of the penalty shootout that shined when Arascaeta grew up and managed to open space in a solid defense of Gallo – who had Godin on an unhappy day, that’s right, a kick to the moon on penalties and Bruno. Target failed. Henrique.

Without Zaracho, Atlético lost their intensity and stole it in attack. Jefferson Savarino and Keno didn’t have much of an impact on the wings. Nacho scored the opening goal, but he also didn’t have as much contact with the Hulk.

Goga missed the potentially fatal shot, but even he was synonymous with the coolness and bravery of a team with thick skin for decisive matches, with the confidence of champions. The same goes for Nathan Silva, who easily converted his free kick, after an unsafe first game.

Hulk was isolated several times, and had to step back to try to touch the ball and start playing. He suffered mistakes, others not so much, and his plays did not follow. But if Gabigol broke Iverson’s net in a good plot for Flamengo from above, then the Hulk did the same.

An insight from Muhammad Turku. Ademir and Vargas added that he knocked out the wings that did not surrender, and from a plot between the two came Hulk’s equalizer, which would take the final to a penalty shootout.

Partner Galo na Veia – Atlético-MG – Photo: Disclosure