June 19, 2024

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Andre Scham says John Textor is impressed with Botafogo fans and wants 'return the affection'

Andre Scham says John Textor is impressed with Botafogo fans and wants ‘return the affection’

Lovers Botafogo Excited about a possible arrival John Textor, a potential investor in SAF, for the club. The opposite seems to be true: in an interview on Alvinegro’s official website, Andre KollThe interlocutor responsible for transmitting information about the negotiations said that the American was pleased with the crowd on social networks.

– We had our first video call with John Textor. We hear a brief summary of his success story in the most diverse businesses he has been involved in, particularly in the technology, film and football sectors recently. He loves sports and considers it a great social motivator. He was deeply impressed by the passion of our fans, not only in the videos and images obtained on the Internet, but also because of the interactions on social networks, and showed an interest in returning all this affection using best practices in the performance of Botafogo SAF activities. He showed great admiration for our colours, for our shield, for the Lone Star and for the history of Botafogo de Futebol y Regattas. – Happy Cole.

Textor transition to take charge pureHowever, it will not happen overnight. Since it is a detailed process, everything still takes time to happen. However, Call: John Textor included the only investor trading with Alvinegro.

– By accepting the site entered by Botafogo, the non-binding agreement was signed by President Durcesio Mello, which grants an exclusive right for 60 days to the investor John Textor to negotiate with Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas. At the moment, all parties involved are subject to a confidentiality agreement, which is also common in operations of this kind, so I was appointed with honor by everyone as the sole interlocutor in the negotiations. We expect to sign the binding contract in the coming weeks and I repeat that for a period of sixty days, John Textor is the only investor with whom Botafogo has conducted negotiations – counsel explained.

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Andre emphasized that the next 60 days will be full of talks, negotiations and little news – even because there is a confidentiality agreement between the two parties.

We all know the concern about information, but it is important to understand that any news that is not published or communicated well can generate unnecessary wear and tear between the parties, and even jeopardize ongoing negotiations, especially when the most sensitive details in the process are discussed by professionals. from both sides. Therefore, in order to avoid any news that does not correspond to reality, the team of BFR, XP and John decided that communication with the press and with our glorified fans will be done by only one person. I have had, as I said, the honor of being appointed to this role, which I hope to perform as diligently and transparently as possible, with constant respect and, above all, a duty to maintain confidentiality for all parties involved – he has completed.