May 30, 2024

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Âncora do Cidade Alerta no Paraná revelou que luta contra grave doença- Foto: Divulgação/Record

Announcer from Cidade Alerta discovers an incurable disease: ‘I cried in the air’

The record journalist sparked deep anger over the disease he had been battling for two and a half years

Paulo Gomezone of the leading names in RIC TV, a subsidiary of Record in Curitiba, Vent for his rare disease It affected him during the daily Cidade Alerta show in the south of the country.

According to the anchor, since 2020 He suffers from a disease called ACNES (abdominal cutaneous nerve entrapment syndrome) and after two years of treatment, he has not found a cure for this serious problem.

Paulo Gomez spoke of the difficulties he has been through in recent years and detailed that his pain is so severe that he takes morphine twice a day to be able to withstand crises.

“I would say it is the hardest challenge of my life. Two and a half years ago, pain appeared in the abdominal area and I was hospitalized several times, there were five surgeries and I have another scheduled schedule, ”started the podcast journalist Lucio Andre, a colleague from Record in Paraná.

Paulo Gomez is the announcer for Cidade Alerta in Paraná – Photo: Disclosure / Recording

It is very difficult for you to take morphine twice a day, without knowing what you have, you are admitted to the hospital many timesGo to São Paulo, find doctors and the best, go to Albert Einstein, go to Campinas and find no solution. You don’t know if you’re going to wake up well tomorrow, or if you don’t wake up well,” said Cidade Alerta announcer, speaking about the difficulties of treatment.

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