June 23, 2024

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Annoying movie in the UK

Annoying movie in the UK

Boris Johnson There is still in the eye of the storm. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was immortal, and spent his leisure time in Easel, Oblique to draw. In fact, Bojo is located in Marbella, Spain. The British Prime Minister was immortalized on a hillside estate worth 25,000 25,000 a week. The English called it escape The crisis that hit the country. In short, everything in the UK is falling apart, but he enjoyed drawing holidays with his wife Curry And his son, Wilfred.

In detail, Bojo was critical of his team’s decision to stay at home. Tory Sock Goldsmith In the Costa del Sol, when the UK has to deal with rising gas prices, empty shelves and fuel shortages. However, the criticism fell on him. And, despite everything, the Prime Minister returned the next day to the beautiful balcony.

Once again he is busy drawing the beautiful landscapes of the Spanish countryside. When, of course, everything The situation in which the British encounter them is much needed. Who knows what awaits Boris Johnson when he returns to the country.

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