July 20, 2024

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Another ship is coming on Wednesday – it is their turn to vaccinate minors

Another ship is coming on Wednesday – it is their turn to vaccinate minors

With the 228,000 dose of Pfizer vaccine arriving yesterday, the government has announced various locations where people over the age of 12 can be vaccinated with parental approval.

This Saturday 12th and 13th Sundays, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, medications will be used in Santo Domingo and Santiago.

Centers operated in the National District: Olympic Center, War Pavilion; Plaza Lama on February 27; Also known as Plaza Durte or Carrefour; Ministry of Defense; Siren at Winston Churchill, Downtown Center; Agora Mall and Henriques Urana University of Point Pedro (UNPHU).

The Jumbo de Mecacentro is located on the Santo Domingo Estate, and the Carito shop is located on the Autobista Duart in the Santo Domingo Osteo Effective Vaccination Centers in Santiago: Plaza Lama de la 27 de Pepero; Gran Detro del Chibao and Central Park.

With the arrival of this first set of 10 million vaccines purchased by the Dominican government, it aims to expand the population group of those vaccinated with two doses, for a total of 1,827,556.

As of June 10, a total of 6,050,983 doses have been used against Covit-19, of which 4,223,427 apply to the first dose and 1,827,556 to the second dose.

Abinadar further announces
President Louis Abinader has announced that one and a half million Kovit-19 vaccines will arrive in the country next Wednesday as part of a national immunization program against Govt-19.

Expected Vaccines Coronavac, the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovak, has confirmed to the media the source of the National Palace.

“On Wednesday we received one million and a half (vaccines) and today we have 200,000 arrivals from Pfizer to the airport, which will be used for younger and pregnant women,” the president said.

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Abinader admitted that “he would not go to bed without looking at the data on how the epidemic is going on in the country,” pointing out last Thursday that the country ranked first in the world in anticoagulant vaccine a day. “We were very fast and now we are only finishing the second level we need to finish,” he said.