December 1, 2023

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ANS Agrees to Prevent Request to Divide Debt with SUS in 60 Installments - 11/17/2021 - Panel SA

ANS Agrees to Prevent Request to Divide Debt with SUS in 60 Installments – 11/17/2021 – Panel SA

This week, the National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS) responded to a request from prevent senior To pay R$ 2.8 million owed to SUS for services rendered to operator beneficiaries 60 times.

Debt installments are the kind that everyone demands Health plan operators According to the agency’s rules, but it has bothered specialists since the beginning of the epidemic because it occurs in a momentary overload SUS.

In the market in general, there are more than 1 billion reais in installments in progress and another 741 million reais has already been paid, according to data collected by the ANS on the reimbursement of supplemental health care costs to the SUS until September 30, without considering the interest. and fines.

In the particular case of Prevent Senior, there are more than R$80 million in installments in progress and another R$67 million has already been paid.

ANS, sought by Panel SA, claims that the installment model, although distributed over the years, is able to speed up repayment, as it is less costly than the judicial collection process, for both the SUS and the operator.

“It is also a measure of the financial management of health plan operators, which, based on an analysis of their reality, can determine when and which credits will be the subject of a request for payment in installments,” the ANS says in a note.

Prevent denies that the request for payment in installments is related to any kind of financial hardship arising from The image crisis the company has suffered in the wake of the Covid CPI.

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“Prevent Senior is one of the few operators that even has its obligations with SUS. Paying debts in installments is a legal procedure. Prevent has economic power. Therefore, it has always paid its obligations on time,” the company says in a note.

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