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(crédito: Ed Alves/CB/D.A Press)

Anvisa promotes mask use and spacing due to monkeypox

Published on 05/24/2022 21:35 / Updated on 05/24/2022 21:35

(Credit: Ed Alves/CB/DA Press)

Smallpox is the first disease to be eradicated in history, and this title was awarded in 1980 by the World Health Organization (WHO), after a major effort to vaccinate the world’s population. With Increased incidence of monkeypoxThe National Health Control Agency (Anvisa) stressed the importance of health protection measures adopted at airports and aircraft.

Despite the absence of reported cases in the Brazilian territory and the low probability of uncontrolled transmission rates, according to experts, one cannot give up the virus, which can be transmitted during air travel.

In a note, Anfisa drew attention to the actions set forth in Resolution RDC No. 456/2020. “Such non-pharmacological measures, such as physical distancing whenever possible, use of protective masks and frequent hand hygiene, have the potential to protect the individual and society not only from the coronavirus, but also against other diseases.”

The health authority stated that it remains alert and vigilant regarding the national and international epidemiological scenario, and that it is monitoring the available data and the development of the disease, so that it can adjust measures in a timely manner, if necessary to protect the health of the population.

Infection scientist Hemerson Luz reiterates the benefits of care, and argues that washing your hands and using masks is essential. “Precautionary measures to avoid contact with diseases by contact or droplets are of paramount importance. In Brazil, we have the highly qualified Anvisa to follow up and monitor the global series and contain the entry of the disease into the country.”

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“Monkeypox is not an effective disease in its transmission, it needs more intimate contact. However, the use of a mask is essential because it will prevent further spread of the disease.

For University of Brasilia epidemiologist Jonas Brandt, it is still too early to talk about the use of masks and isolation. “We are still talking about the outbreak that still has traceability, trying to break the chains of transmission and prevent an increase in the number of cases. It makes sense that if we imagine a global transmission like the Corona virus, the actions eventually will be these but it is still early days.”

In the case of professionals caring for people with suspected disease, the epidemiologist says the use of an N95 mask is essential, as well as isolating cases to avoid breaking chains of transmission.