June 6, 2023

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Atlético-MG board approves 2022 budget;  Mall sale becomes the topic of the meeting |  Athlete - mg

Atlético-MG board approves 2022 budget; Mall sale becomes the topic of the meeting | Athlete – mg

the Atletico MG It will have a budget of over R$800 million in total revenue for 2022. The club’s deliberative board met on Tuesday night, at headquarters, and unanimously approved the budget portion for next season. Gallo is expected to close with a surplus of R$4 million. But there was another important point of the meeting.

Monday , Give Fetched 2022 budget details (I read here). Gallo operates on a total pool of R$821 million. Within this amount, there is R$350 million from the sale of the club’s real estate assets, which are included in the document as “financial support”. The value will be possible The sale of the remainder of Diamond Mall (49.9% R$), something that was tentatively discussed in the club council on Tuesday..

Atlético had already sold 50.1% of the shopping center to the company it manages, in 2017, for R$250 million (updated R$290 million at the time of operation), to enable the construction of the Arena MRV, the club’s future home from 2023.

Athletics headquarters once again held deliberative board meetings – Photo: Bruno Sousa / Atlético-MG

anticipation Atletico MG In 2022, it will make 140 million R$ from athletes’ sales (the 2021 target was 120 million R$, which will not be achieved, but there were other significant unexpected revenue). On the other hand, the club will spend 40 million Brazilian riyals on new players.

The meeting of the Consultative Council began at six o’clock in the evening at the headquarters in Lourdes. This was the last work of the agency in 2021. There was also, in addition to evaluating the new budget, the presentation of the Instituto Galo associated with Atlético, which promotes social activities in Minas Gerais.

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