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Atlético-MG x Flamengo: Hulk hits Gabigol and reveals he's played at sacrifice for over two weeks |  Athlete - mg

Atlético-MG x Flamengo: Hulk hits Gabigol and reveals he’s played at sacrifice for over two weeks | Athlete – mg

Hulk shines against Flamengo. Score, help, run, and score. He was the owner of the match in the 2-1 victory over Flamengo, at the Mineirao stadium, in the first leg of the round of 16. Brazil Cup. And all this at a sacrifice. At the end of the match, he was still hitting Gabigol.

After the match, the Flamengo striker promised an unfavorable atmosphere for Atletico in the Maracana, in the second leg. The player hinted that Gallo would know the “pressure” and “hell” of Rio de Janeiro. Upon learning of the Flamenguista’s interview, the Hulk didn’t want to create too much controversy, but he responded. And after a sarcastic laugh when he heard what Gabriel had to say, the Gallo striker pointed out that the Minas Gerais team has experienced athletes, at the level of the Brazilian national team, and can cope with “any pressure”.

“Speaking of the environment, we are used to playing in big environments. We have experienced players, national team players, strong players… so there is no boy under any pressure.”

Hulk celebrates the 40th goal in Mineirao, in a match between Atlético MG and Flamengo – Photo: Fernando Moreno / AGIF

– Actually I have this pain that bothers me since the match against Palmeiras. The field was industrially hard. Then in a match against Ciara in Castellao, it was very difficult. I had a sore underfoot, on the sole of the foot, in the fat of the foot there and it hurt a lot, I suffered a lot. But I have to overcome that to be able to give our best and come out with victory – he said.

Even with a restless foot, Hulk scored a superb first-half goal against Flamengo. He got fired from Mariano and played to cover up the departure of Diego Alves. She kept spinning high throughout the match. In the final stage, he began to provide a beautiful pass for Ademir’s goal.

It’s a slight nagging pain when we step under our shoelaces. But now it’s time to recover well for the next game.

The goals of Atlético MG 2 x 1 Flamengo, in the Round of 16 of the Copa del Rey 2022

Next Saturday, Atletico Madrid will play again in Mineirao, but for the Brazilian championship. Facing the castle at 9 pm. The return match against Flamengo Brazil Cup It’s July 13th in the Maracana.

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