June 23, 2024

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“Baby Reindeer” Extends UK Privacy Protection Laws

“Baby Reindeer” Extends UK Privacy Protection Laws

Baby Rena is a hit on Netflix (Image: Disclosure)

The British government has warned Netflix about a bill moving through the country’s parliament. The plan, which is working its way through parliament and is only due to become law in 2025, is a direct response to the controversy created by the miniseries. Baby Reindeer.

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Baby Reindeer Based on creator Richard God’s experiences of persecution. Dubbing her Martha Scott in the story, the show never revealed the true identity of God’s tormentor. But Fiona Harvey, a Scottish lawyer, said in an interview that she inspired the story. Last Thursday (9), he made the statement during host Piers Morgan’s YouTube show, but Godin denied the allegations and claimed to have invented a series of stories.

Speaking to Deadline, a British government spokesperson says UK broadcasters are subject to rules that protect the public, staff and others involved. The idea of ​​the new plan is to apply this presumption to streaming platforms, including Netflix — which accommodates Harvey’s lawsuit against the service.

According to British officials, this bill should be ready only in 2025.

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